[stɪk] (past tense and past participle stuck [stʌk] ) verb I
1) [T] to push something that is long and thin into or through something else
He stuck the end of the post in the ground.[/ex]
a piece of cloth with a pin stuck through it[/ex]
2) [I] if something sticks in, into, or through something else, its end remains in it or through it
The knife missed its target and stuck in the door.[/ex]
Something sharp was sticking into my back.[/ex]
3) [I/T] to fix one thing to another, or to become fixed to something, especially using a sticky substance such as glue
Can you stick the pieces of this vase back together?[/ex]
She was sticking posters on her bedroom wall.[/ex]
The pasta has stuck to the bottom of the pan.[/ex]
4) [T] informal
to put something somewhere quickly and without taking much care
Just stick the plates in the sink.[/ex]
5) [I] to become firmly fixed in one position, and therefore difficult or impossible to move
The door is sticking, so give it a good push.[/ex]
The wheels had stuck in the mud.[/ex]
6) [T] British
informal to accept something that is difficult or unpleasant in a patient way
I don't know how she's stuck that job this long.[/ex]
7) [I] if a new name for someone or something sticks, it becomes accepted and used by everyone
He'd been called ‘Tufty' at school, and the name had stuck.[/ex]
- stick around
- stick at sth
- stick by sb
- stick by sth
- stick out
- stick sth out
- stick to sth
- stick together
- stick up
- stick up for sb/sth
- stick with sb
- stick with sth
noun [C]
stick */*/[stɪk]
1) a thin piece of wood, especially one that has been broken or cut from a tree
I went out to find some sticks for a fire.[/ex]
2) a long strong piece of wood, usually with a handle at the top, that you use for helping you to walk
walking stick
3) a long thin piece of wood that is used for hitting or carrying something in a sport
a hockey stick[/ex]
4) a long thin piece of something
a stick of celery/dynamite[/ex]

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